Earth Doctor / Climate Troubadour


Doug in the GardenDoug Hendren is an orthopedic surgeon turned climate troubadour. Doug grew up and was educated in the Boston area (Harvard BA 1973), working as an inventor’s assistant before medical school (Case Western Reserve, MD 1982), and orthopedic residency (Harvard, 1988).  He replaced hips and knees in Eureka, California and Harrisonburg, Virginia until hanging up his scalpel in 2010.

In retirement, Doug earned an MBA in sustainable business from Bainbridge Graduate Institute in Seattle.  Instead of broken bones, he now focuses on our broken political and economic systems that are driving us to liquidate our natural world to pay our “bills”. Our dear Earth, generous life-giving climate, and our foreseeable future are like a patient in the emergency room, badly injured and bleeding. But you’d never know it from watching the news. Most people are too busy to notice. What’s going on? How did we get here? How can we recover a world worth passing on to our children?

Doug has concluded that art is more likely than science to save us from the humans, and is looking for ways to wake up sleepwalkers.  In this website, he is shamelessly exploiting Garage Band (and occasionally friends) to help expose important issues – “stealth education”, if you will. He hopes these messages will stick in your unconscious like a bad beer commercial.  The life you save may be your own!

These songs are fairly quick “sketches”, attempts to distill important issues into a few short verses. They are intended to bring some “dry” subjects to life, where we can see and share them more simply and clearly.  And to inspire other artists and musicians to do the same. You, the listener, are smart enough to understand these issues.  Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.   Food, Water, Energy and Climate Change are subjects too important to be left to politicians and economists! Look where that has gotten us so far!

When not playing his Moonstone guitars, Doug is involved in some start-up companies in renewable energy and biotechnology, messes around in his workshop and yard, and gets along (most of the time) entirely too well with resident wife and collaborator, Nancy Beall, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and their much-too-far- away children, Saragrace and Jeremiah, and shows up when he can for, Citizens Climate Lobby, DivestHarvard, Climate Action Alliance of the Valley, Renew Rocktown, Harrisonburg Indivisible, and our newest local group, RAPTORS.

P.S. My musical hobby is completely non-commercial in spirit. My material is all “Creative Commons”, and can be used and shared freely. Attribution appreciated. All revenues from CD sales go to support climate education and activism. SING LOUD!