Earth Doctor / Climate Troubadour


Why are people uptight, so eager to fight,         Am D9 Am D9
Over ideology?                                                         G Am G Gdim
Just fixing to kill, making me ill,                        Am D9 Am D9
Over things they can’t even see.                          G  Am G   G+5
Oh, who will be first, which’ll be worse             Cmaj7  Cm7
How’s it gonna be?                                                Bm7    E7
Blow us all sky high, with AI,                               A7
Or natural stupidity?                                             D7
If you’re ever feeling low.                            G  F# F E7
Call Homo Sapiens 2.0!                                 A7  D7  G

When there’s nowhere to turn
And nothing left to burn,
Mr. libertarian,
And ice is gone, the ocean’s on your lawn,
How’re you gonna keep on keepin’ on?
Kinda  late for running on hate,
Living on thoughts and prayers.
Or running affairs for billionaires
Who never learned how to share.
If you’re ever feeling low.                            
Call Homo Sapiens 2.0!                                 

They never get drunk on power.                    F   G
They’ve got common sense.                             C   B7
Won’t burn down the barn, cost a leg and an arm;  E7
There’s more to life than defense.                   A7

They’re not boastful or proud, and no lying allowed,
And why not be clear?
All we need is the mood, I mean the attitude,
We’ve got everything we need right here!
I ain’t talking pie in the sky.
Think about it, and so will I.
Greed and gluttony, wrath and pride –
What’ll  happen if we just say goodbye?
If you’re ever feeling low.
Call Homo Sapiens 2.0!
If you’re ever feeling low.                 G  F# F E7
Call Homo Sapiens 2.0!                     A7  D7  G
G F# F E7
Call Homo Sapiens 2.0!                     A7  D7  G                                                                                     

                                                                   ©Doug Hendren 2023

What’s it about? Humanity is facing some problems on a scale we’ve never seen before: Pollution, exhaustion of resources, climate disruption, all driven by rising population and rising per capita consumption, and extreme and rising economic inequality.

Many observers have concluded that the 21st century may be a kind of pass-fail exam for the human species, and all the other species we have endangered by habitat destruction and by disrupting earth’s previously stable climate. Earth will survive just fine, but will we?

Some have asserted that the only way we will survive this century with our civilization more or less intact will be by somehow evolving into a new, better version of ourselves. My friend, author and rocket scientist Dave Pruett has called this “Homo Sapiens 2.0.”

While the sudden collective evolution to HS2.0 may seem like a stretch, what choice do we have, really. In the lyrics, I borrowed a little from St. Paul and from the “seven deadly sins.”  Great spiritual teachers throughout history have been telling us ordinary mortals that we have the potential to rise to a higher level. Our survival may actually depend on it. As Mary Pipher eloquently captures our moment in The Green Boat, our planetary lifeboat is leaking badly, and we all need to start pulling together. Even if we think the hole is at the other end, we are, literally, in the same boat. That’s why earth hanging there in space is the main imagery in my video.

We need to evolve, now. What have we got to lose?



  1. You continue to be the special wonderful person you were when born. There you are and delighted to hear from you.
    sending Love to you and gratitude for your presence and Being and all the beauty and fun music with a real message.

  2. We need your music, Doug! When we apply Homo Sapiens 2.0 to our understanding of all our living in this planet, then it affects changes in daily life in the kitchen and garden as well as how we see Palestine. During more or less 6 years, around 60K died in Vietnan, now in two months 20K were killed by the Natanyahu’s Israel. But without your voice, we forget the Homo Sapiens for whom Mother Nature was all.

  3. This and other of your songs are flashes of light that pierce status quo thinking and unsettle the conscience. Keep them coming.

  4. Another great song. How do we get this content out there. I will try something, but don’t hold your breath.

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