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Clean Energy Rocks!

Wind and solar power are now cheaper than fossil fuels, and getting cheaper every day. The US Department of Energy is aiming toward a solar energy cost of 2¢/kWh in the near future (average US residential price currently 12¢/kWh).

Economic powerhouse: Renewables now provide more than twice as many jobs as coal, gas and oil combined.  Investors are moving their money out of fossil fuels into clean energy investments, for higher returns as well as for lower risk.

Healthier families: Harvard study: $38 billion economic benefit from shifting to clean power, due to reduced medical costs from eliminating air pollution.

• Bloomberg Business: Wind and Solar Are Crushing Fossil Fuels
• WRI: Fact Sheet: Clean Energy Jobs Growth in the US
• Video, 3:00: A 100% Renewable Economy. Mark Jacobson, Stanford University

Keeps On Coming Down
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Sea change, losing shorelines and history.
Song for West Virginia
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Hostage to the coal industry for over a hundred years.
Scott Pruitt’s EPA
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Scott Pruitt's EPA - Everyone Pollute America!
The Sunshine State
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Utilities say it's too cloudy for solar in the Sunshine State!
Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching!
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America deserves better than government by money.
The Social Cost of Carbon
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Here are a few of the hidden costs of fossil fuels.
Solar Spill
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Who's gonna pay the bill for a solar spill?
Only a Fool
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Why pay for fuel, when you can get it for free?