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Everglades Rolling In

Everglades Rolling In (2018)

More musical stories about:
Our increasingly outrageous weather, and TV weathermen that don’t want to talk about the cause;
The real story of Noah’s ark; How we can rise to the present challenge by remembering how to dream;
What the “carbon bubble” is, and how stranded fossil fuel assets will likely rock Wall Street;
How Florida Power & Light tried to tell people that solar energy wouldn’t work in Florida (really!);
Why climate science is no different from any other science;
How a small group of solid citizens in Nebraska managed to stop the Keystone XL pipeline;
How Wall Street and Washington keep Americans from uniting in common cause;
How the rain and the seas threaten alter our coasts and our history;
What’s already starting to happen in Miami;
And finally, a song inspired by Robert Burns, the great Scottish poet.

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I know all that water isn't real, but it sure is cold!
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Time for weathermen to tell the truth.
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How a famous conversation really went down...
Remembering How to Dream
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Some things seem impossible, then you win.
Elephant Loose on Wall Street
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Stranded assets are an economic time bomb..
The Sunshine State
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Utilities say it's too cloudy for solar in the Sunshine State!
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You don't believe "climate science?" Really?
The Heart of Nebraska
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Ground zero for stopping the Keystone XL pipeline.
Wall Street and Washington
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They play us like a fiddle tune.
Keeps On Coming Down
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Sea change, losing shorelines and history.
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A story about Florida in the days of climate change.
As Others See Us
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Inspired by Robert Burns' famous poem