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Water is Life

Endangering our drinking water for gas and oil is the height of stupidity. Yet that’s what we are doing with projects like the Keystone XL or Dakota Access pipelines.  There have been  thousands of pipeline leaks in the US in the past five years, and these will leak as well.

Fracking carries special risks. Though the industry proclaims it safe,  medical research shows otherwise. Numerous toxins found in fracking fluids and wastewater are linked to cancer and other diseases. Fracking poisons drinking water, though the industry denies it. These songs tell why doctors reject natural gas, considering it “too dirty, too dangerous”.

Damage by the coal industry may be just as bad. The first comprehensive, national study of coal ash pollution, published in 2018, found that “coal plants are poisoning groundwater nearly everywhere they operate,”  with arsenic, lithium and other pollutants, all over the United States.

Externalized costs. Pollution, disease, and poisoned water caused by fossil fuel combustion are known in economics as “externalized costs.” This means they are not included in the market price of the fuel. But these turn out to be very high and very real costs.  These are, in fact, very costly fuels. And we are all paying the price for using them.

Three Pack-a-Day Sky
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Canada is on fire. Burn the forests and they burn us back.
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Climate change is driving refugees north.
Scott Pruitt’s EPA
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Scott Pruitt's EPA - Everyone Pollute America!
EPA Blues / Give Me Water
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Before the EPA, our rivers were catching fire. Beware!
Black Serpent
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Brave Lakota face the Dakota Pipeline juggernaut.
All I Want is H2O “Live”
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Video by Mike Wicklein. On stage with Josh Fox.
All I Want is H2O
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How fracking endangers your drinking water.
Better Keep It Clean
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If you want to keep your water, better keep it clean.
The Heart of Nebraska
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Ground zero for stopping the Keystone XL pipeline.
The Devil Himself
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Trading your health and water for money is a devil's bargain.