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Wake Your Neighbor!

Wake Your Neighbor! (2018)

This 3rd album is the only one focused not on climate, but a handful of other worthy issues of our time:  How do we understand “national security” when the peace, freedom and prosperity of our people may have become secondary to the financial of global corporations headquartered here? While we are gabbing about “freedom,” we are sliding away from democracy to oligopoly; The great majority of Americans want some reasonable gun safety laws, but are up against the gun industry; Current electronic data platforms, drones and other technology are making old notions of privacy seem quaint; The war machine is alive and well, but our schools, roads and bridges are in disrepair; The Supreme Court’s 2010 “Citizens United” decision has flooded American politics with a fire hose of money, under the myth that “money is speech.” They need our help! And a couple of tunes for the Trump era, including the reminder that “If you want to be great, you’ve got to be good!”

National Security Blues
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Those who would trade liberty for safety will get neither.
Talking ’bout Freedom
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Pay attention! We're going back to being ruled by kings.
The NRA Blues
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Look who's taking money from the NRA.
Superpac Rag
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What Do You Mean By Freedom?
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The 1% can rob you with a seven-letter word.
Got A Feeling
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What happens to privacy in a high-tech age?
Scott Pruitt’s EPA
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Scott Pruitt's EPA - Everyone Pollute America!
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War is big business, but bad for most of us.
Real People Have Heart
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To help the Supreme Court tell people from corporations!
For Bidder 70
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A song for Tim DeChristopher, a true American patriot.
You’ve Got to be Good
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America, if you want to be great, you’ve got to be good!
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For a toddler-in-chief richly deserving impeachment.
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A song for the "March For Our Lives" movement.
Keeping an Eye on You (love song from the NSA
Play song: So many things I want to know                             G G#dim A A#dim I see you everywhere you go,                                 G/B G#dim Am D9 From head to toe, I’m […] So many things I want to know     ...