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Wall Street and Washington

Grew up proud of where I’m from,              Em D G C–
But I’m not proud of where we’ve come.     G —  D–
Red and blue so black and white,                Em D G C
Everybody fixing for a fight.                       G —  C D
If that’s your number, have no doubt         Em – D –
They’ll eat you from the inside out,            G – C – D-
One by one,                                                       D–
Wall Street & Washington,                           D–  G

Divided into red and blue,
We can’t see all the things they do.
Out to rob us left and right,
Making sure we can’t unite.
Spreading lies and sowing hate,
And we all rise and take the bait,
And come undone.
Wall St and Washington.

Their money makes a whole lot more
Every time we start a war.
Causing trouble, far and near,
We wreck the place, and they move here.
Selling weapons everywhere,
If you’ve got money, they don’t care,
A rule of thumb in
Wall St and Washington.

Rich men living to provoke
Ain’t like ordinary folk.
Spend their money blowing smoke.
Think we the people’s just a joke.
And red and blue beneath the moon,
They play us like a fiddle tune.
Just for fun,
Wall St and Washington.

Getting darker every hour,
‘Cause power’s money, and money power.
Congress and the courts decide
That it ain’t their business, let it ride.
Fiddle while the nation burns,
Billionaires are taking turns
Around the sun,
Wall St and Washington.

Enough for all, and more to spare
If we just stop fighting everywhere.
Be there for me, I’m there for you,
‘Cause that’s what decent neighbors do.
Get together, we can choose
To get beyond the reds & blues,
And overcome
Wall St and Washington.

©Doug Hendren 2018

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