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Just minding his business, minding the store,          C#7
And who comes knocking on Noah’s door?               F#7
“Can you build me a boat, so big and so strong         B7
Big enough to take the animals on?”                             E

‘Well, who wants to know?  Just give me a clue.”
“I am what I am, and I’m talking to you!
Here’s the deal, and it’s fair and square,
When you meet your maker,   I’ll be there.  and I’m

Talking ‘bout a Flood, but nobody hears,           A Boogie
Putting their fingers in their ears                          E   A
Time to go, But nobody wants to know.           C#sus4 C#7  F#7 B7 E                 

Ee-vil ways, people have fallen.
Gotta reboot, they can’t hear me calling.
They’ve really got a screw loose,
And a limited capacity for seeing the truth  

You know, trashing my planet just too many times,
Full of excuses, nickels and dimes.
Turn this place into a landfill,
Trade my Garden for a dollar bill. so I’m
Talking ‘bout a Flood  (chorus)…..

People gonna laugh at you, talking to me,             A Boogie
Make fun of you on TV.                                             E boogie
Gonna say that it’s just a hoax,                                 B7
Another one of those Biblical jokes.                        E7

But they’re gonna be in for a big surprise
When the rains come down and the waters rise.
Believe me, you’re gonna need a boat.
Gonna need much more than just digging a moat, cause I’m
Talking ‘bout a Flood  (chorus)…..

Yeah, fire and flood, but nobody sees
People still doing just what they please.
Time to go, but nobody wants to know.

©Doug Hendren 2017

What’s it about? Today’s parallels with the old Biblical story couldn’t be clearer. As a result of human arrogance and carelessness, we have upset the balance of nature. Both fire and flood are dramatically rising, and human food and water supplies are coming under increasing pressure worldwide due to only 1.8°F of global warming so far. Think of your own body temperature, normally at 98.6°F.  With 1.8 degrees of fever (100.4°, you don’t feel very good.  At 103°, you are very sick indeed, and at 105° you will likely be dead in a short time. In our current situation, half of earth’s animals will be extinct in about 30 years. See my video: “What’s in a Number?”

Although we often argue about our precious economy, consider this: What does the economy matter when we are fighting over food and water that we always took for granted? Wake up. The future is knocking on our door, and without out help, it doesn’t look pretty. But the story is not over yet. There’s plenty we can do.

Consider this: We know a great deal about climate change. We know what causes it, and we know how to stop it. For a clear list of the 100 top solutions to REVERSE global warming, check out the Drawdown movement (below).  I am involved in numerous activities to reverse global warming. So can you. You might already be doing many things on the list. Please share with your friends!

Drawdown; 100 solutions to reverse global warming.


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