Earth Doctor / Climate Troubadour

Real Heroes

This section tells the stories of some real heroes today, standing up to the forces unraveling our ecosystems and our future. They include a radical Pope Francis, not afraid to come out and say that climate denial is a sin, and a crime against all; Native American “water protectors” bravely standing up to attack dogs and militarized police; Seattle’s “kayaktivists” paddling out to block Shell Oil’s gigantic “Polar Explorer” from drilling in the Arctic;  Bold Nebraska standing up to TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline; and Tim DeChristopher’s courageous decision to go to prison to save American public lands from desecration. These are today’s real heroes, and they deserve our support.

Finally, a children’s song: Many before us have risked everything to do what’s right.  Right now the risks are high, the hour is late. But everywhere, there are ordinary people starting to do extraordinary things. Together, we can to what seems impossible.