Earth Doctor / Climate Troubadour

Precarious Paradise (2023)

A new collection of musical stories about:

A world increasingly on fire, and what its Creator might have to say about it;
How one oil corporation lied to us for 45 years, and what it is costing us today;
The foolishness of banning books, and hoping children will grow strong and wise;
How Paradise looks different when you’re waiting to be rescued;
Traveling used to be fun, and elections where people agreed who won;
Using your personal freedom to intimidate and endanger others is un-American;
The media empire behind January 6, spreading disinformation to boost ratings;
The uncountable costs of allowing oil money to continue running our nation;
The evangelical wolves in sheep’s clothing prowling among us today;
An invitation to step out of the shadows and take the high road;
And finally, a couple of love songs. About growing not just older, but wiser, too.
And remembering those who love you!