Earth Doctor / Climate Troubadour

Only Love Will Save This Place (2017)

A second album of climate stories about life in the 21st century: 

Continuing “business as usual” is like shoveling coal on a runaway train. The bridge is out; Even the fossil-fuel companies are on a suicidal trajectory; Coal and oil interests exert powerful control over our elected officials; West Virginia, long controlled by the coal industry, is now ground zero for the fracked gas industry as well; The poles are melting, and a lot of people live in coastal cities; We live in a time of great economic extremes, billionaires and homeless; What really goes on in the fracking industry, and how they hide the truth; We must stop trying to liquidate Mother Earth for a few bucks if we want long-term survival; A few numbers that we should all know like 2°Celsius, or 420 parts per million CO2; The inspiring courage of the Lakota nation at Standing Rock, 2016; Finally, only millions of people like you and me will turn this crazy, greedy and self-destructive trajectory around. But there are a lot of us on the move…