Earth Doctor / Climate Troubadour

Anthropocene (2020)

We have entered a new geologic age. Human activity is now the dominant influence on our earthly climate and environment. The last period was the Holocene, 12,000 years of remarkably stable and benign global climate which enabled human culture to develop and flourish worldwide. 

This collection of songs covers subjects from the sublime to the ridiculous: The absurd logic of some politicians that we can destroy life on this planet, and then move to another; The necessity of shifting from an extraction economy to a circular economy; Recognition that many US immigrants are actually climate refugees; How we have become enslaved by high-consumption lifestyles; How planet Earth is now under human control, whether we believe it or not; How a New Testament story can shed light on the temptations of power today; How humans and our livestock have now displaced all but a few wild animals worldwide; How such vast challenges make us feel small, but can solve them if we work together. Finally, a tongue-in-cheek tune not really about lawyers, but about treating one another with respect.