Earth Doctor / Climate Troubadour

A Little Climate Music (2016)

This first album (2016) was an experiment: With the mounting urgency of climate disruption, and so many people in denial about this dry, complex and scary topic, could music help break the ice?  Could “Climate Music” help us get around resistance to critical information? I put this album out in the hopes that younger and more talented people might pick up on the idea…

Here are some stories: What happened when solar power suddenly became cheaper than fossil fuels; A reminder that this burning world is our only home; The hidden menace of fracking; What a miracle clean drinking water is, and the foolishness of contaminating it in pursuit of cheap energy; An intro to the biosphere, the living part of our world. While the world may look vast, the biosphere is actually as thin as the skin of a peach; The 40 -year campaign from the oil and coal industry to misinform us about the climate threat and delay climate action; The drama of a 2015 showdown in Elliott Bay (Seattle) between fearless “kayaktivists” and Shell Oil’s behemoth Arctic drilling ship; Another real-life showdown (2015) at the Vatican when an operative from the fossil-friendly Heartland Institute tries to disrupt a meeting between the church and climate scientists; A reminder that with solar, you pay for technology, but the fuel is free; Carbon fuels, however, have many hidden costs that are far greater than we think;  Finally, a reminder of what a special planet we call home!