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The Lawyer Song

People got lawyers, you ought to know,              G Em  Am D                G, Capo 2
Some sneaky as a Scorpio,                                     Em G7 Am Adim
And some that ought to be on a leash,                Bm Bdim Am D7
Confined to cottage cheese and quiche.             Gmaj7 G#dim Am D

They’ve got lawyers, sad but true,                        G Em  Am D
Happy to take a bite out of you.                           Em G7 Am Cm
Just a fact of life,                                                     Esus4/B  E7
You’re better off avoiding strife!                        A7 D7  G  D7

It started back long ago,
And they can set you back a lot of dough.
So use your manners, and be polite,
Brush your teeth and say your prayers at night,

Count to ten and don’t be a jerk.
They’re always looking for extra work.
If you don’t wanna pay the price,
You’d better treat people nice!

©Doug Hendren 2019

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