Earth Doctor / Climate Troubadour


Takes science to make an airplane fly,       A  D
It’s American as apple pie.                           A
Science in large amounts,                              D7
Your telephone and facebook accounts.    A E
You can keep up with the latest trends, F#m  D7
Send pictures to all your friends.             A    F#7+
It’s on science it all depends.                 B7 E7  D7 A—
INSTRUMENTAL  4 bars A – D – A – E

So I’m puzzled why you feel            A D
Climate science just can’t be real.             A  A7
Puzzled, think it through,                        D7
Why you think it don’t apply to you     A  E
The numbers — are much too high.           F#m  D7
Better listen, ’cause they don’t lie.           A F#7
The numbers…. they  don’t lie.           B7 E  D7 A E

Takes science to make an automobile,       E
V-8 engine and American steel.                    A
Use science every single day.                         E
Didn’t have it, we would waste away!       A7

And it’s screaming, don’t you be a fool,   D  D#°
Quit smoking that fossil fuel!                   A   F#7
Quit smoking that fossil fuel!                     B7 E D7 A E7

Verse 1

                                  ©Doug Hendren 2018

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