Earth Doctor / Climate Troubadour


Takes science to make an airplane fly,       A  D
It’s American as apple pie.                           A
Science in large amounts,                              D7
Your telephone and facebook accounts.    A E
You can keep up with the latest trends, F#m  D7
Send pictures to all your friends.             A    F#7+
It’s on science it all depends.                 B7 E7  D7 A—
INSTRUMENTAL  4 bars A – D – A – E

So I’m puzzled why you feel            A D
Climate science just can’t be real.             A  A7
Puzzled, think it through,                        D7
Why you think it don’t apply to you     A  E
The numbers — are much too high.           F#m  D7
Better listen, ’cause they don’t lie.           A F#7
The numbers…. they  don’t lie.           B7 E  D7 A E

Takes science to make an automobile,       E
V-8 engine and American steel.                    A
Use science every single day.                         E
Didn’t have it, we would waste away!       A7

And it’s screaming, don’t you be a fool,   D  D#°
Quit smoking that fossil fuel!                   A   F#7
Quit smoking that fossil fuel!                     B7 E D7 A E7

Verse 1

                                  ©Doug Hendren 2018

What’s it about? Even in 2023, we still have GOP politicians saying that climate science is “a hoax.” The systematic undermining of public confidence in climate science, and in science in general, has caused untold harm to America and to the world, by delaying the machines of American ingenuity and industry from rapidly transforming our economy to run on clean energy.

Science is a very powerful tool, and many of our best scientists are working hard to create a path to a sustainable future. To learn about these efforts, look at some of the real sources below. And be careful about getting your news from social media platforms. They are often designed to deceive and confuse!

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