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Got A Feeling

GOT A FEELING                    

I’ve got a feelin, it ain’t so good.                   G Em Am D D+5
I’m seeing drones in my neighborhood.    G Em A D D#dim6
I don’t know whose flag they’re flying, but     Em G7 C C#dim6
I’m pretty sure that it ain’t mine.                  E7sus4 E7 Am D

Might be Fed Ex or Amazon.
I can’t really tell whose side they’re on.
Might be made in China for the NSA.
Believe I better stay away today.
I’ve got a feeling, I’ve got a feeling        G  Em Am D9 (4)
I’ve got a feeling, Oh, yes I do.

Just looking up at a great big eye,
Just looking down from the sky.
Got my cell phone, and my ID,
Can see anything it wants to see.

My doctor says take a pill,
It’ll make everything all stand still.
It doesn’t really change a thing,
But I get to pretend I’m just imagining!

They say liberty is  overrated,          Am  A#dim6
Privacy is so outdated,                       G – E7sus4  E7
Shouldn’t get so agitated,                  C  C#dim6
If the Bill of Rights is confiscated,    G   E7sus4  E7
But all those damn things flying around,     Am  A#dim6
Shouldn’t let little things get me down!         G – E7sus4  E7
And I know that I’ve done nothing wrong, but Am  A#dim6
I got a feeling that it won’t be long! E7sus4 E7  Am  D

I’ve got a feeling, I’ve got a feeling.
I’ve got a feeling, oh, yes I do.
And I’ve got a feeling, you’re gonna get one too!

©Doug Hendren 2016

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