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It’s Only a Vaccination

There’s nothing to be afraid of                   D   Dmaj7
It isn’t a purple heart                                   Bm7  E7  A7  F#° A7
Show us what you are made of                  Em7     A7sus4
Come on and do your part                          A7  A+5    D  D7- A7

You don’t know how good we’ve got it           D
And how far that we’ve come along               Bm7 E7  A7
It’s all because of of vaccination                    Em7     A7sus4
That polio’s almost gone!                               A7  A+5    D  D7- A7 

There isn’t any conspiracy                     Am7 —    D  Dmaj7
Isn’t a commie plot                                  D7sus4      G
It’s only a vaccination                            G#°   D C7 B7
Oh, get up and get your shot.                Em7  A7  D  D7- A7

Heroes from every nation                 Am D  G  G#°
Round the clock in the lab               Am   D  G
Just think of that dedication            F#   Bm  Bm7
Just so you could have your jab!     E7    A7 A+5

We used to be scared of smallpox                  D  Dmaj7
But no one’s afraid today                                  Bm7  E7  A7
Thanks to the science, nurses and docs,       Em7   A7 
Smallpox hit the rocks, and it’s gone away   A7  A+5   D  F#°  A7

Believe anything you want to                         D  Dmaj7
It isn’t a magic spell                                         D7sus4       G
The sooner you take  your medicine            G#°    D C7 B7
The sooner that we  can all be well                  E7       A7

It’s only a vaccination                                  D   Dmaj7
Don’t give it another thought                      D7sus4  G
Only a vaccination                                         G#°  D  C7 B7
Oh, get up and get your shot.                    E  A7  D C7 B7
Oh, get up and get your shot!                   E7  A7  D-A7-D

©Doug Hendren 2021

What’s it about?

The COVID-19 pandemic has already claimed millions of lives, leaving no state or nation untouched. The basic public health measures for managing a pandemic have been well-established for decades. But many people have been frightened and confused by misinformation. As a result, straightforward measures have been challenged and ignored by many Americans, needlessly increasing our loss of life as well as our economic losses.

Against all odds, the international scientific community has managed to produce in the space of barely one year several highly effective vaccines. It is a stupendous achievement. In the past, vaccine development took several years or more. While side-effects of vaccines do occur, these risks are tiny in comparison to the risks of the COVID-19 virus.

This song is a reminder that widely applied vaccination programs have be exceedingly successful in combating or eradicating dreaded diseases like polio and smallpox. Getting vaccinated is something each of us can do for our country, and for our neighbors here and around the world. Let’s get this all behind us!

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