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The more we see you,       Gmaj7, Gmaj6
the less we like you.             Am7 D7
The list of treasons             Gmaj7,  Gmaj6
just grows and grows.             Am7  D7

Every season gave us                 Bb7
reason more to doubt you         Eb7
Better off without you,            D7   Gm
as heaven knows                   A7  Am7  D7

Can you imagine,                  Gmaj7,   Gmaj6
we will let go of you?               Am7    D7
The law is above you,            Gmaj7    Gmaj6
and that’s no lie!                       Dm7    

You’ll soon be                             G7
leavin’ even if you don’t          Cmaj7      Cm7
agree to.                                       G  F7  E7
Our votes will free you,           Am7
and we’ll say goodbye.            D7  G  F F# G

Lyrics ©Doug Hendren, Nancy Beall 2020
(parody of “The More I See You” by Harry Warren (1945)

What’s it about?  The 2020 presidential election will be in 4 weeks. There are a number of critical issues hanging in the balance for the US and for the world, including global transition away from fossil fuels and America’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic. The present administration has utterly abandoned scientific leadership on many critical fronts. We have withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord, withdrawn from our traditional allies, embraced a variety of dictators, disengaged from the World Health Organization, and have so far not even successfully navigated through the “initial surge” of the coronavirus pandemic.

A recent study of 38 million English language articles has found President Trump to be “the single largest driver of misinformation” about the coronavirus, undoubtedly contributing to tens of thousands of American deaths.

In four short years, the United States has effectively abdicated its postwar status as the leader of the free world. Our people are deeply fragmented, constantly encouraged by a president with a visceral instinct for dividing people and inciting discord. This is not what we need to successfully navigate a pandemic, overcome the challenges of climate disruption, or rebuild our economy for broad prosperity and fairness to everyone.

America, we can and must do better than this. Vote!

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