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Ain’t gonna die for Wall St,  Ain’t gonna die for you   G E7 / A D G
You can tell the world your plans,           G   G7
I’ll stay at home and wash my hands      C    A7
Ain’t gonna die for Wall St,  Ain’t gonna die for you   G E7 / A D G

You didn’t want to listen,       D7   D+5
Said everything was fine         G        G#dim
Ignoring our physicians,  and    D7    D+5
Pushing your party line               G      G7
It’s a lousy time for lying,            C      C#dim
No way to undo                             G       D
Ain’t gonna die for Wall St,  Ain’t gonna die for you   G E7 / A D G

I may die for my family,                 D    D+5
I may die for my friends, But I’m      G   G#dim
Coming out of quarantine when the      D   D+5
Doctor says I can, Ain’t                             G   G7
Coming out for Wall St,                            C     D#dim
Although you want me to                         G     D
Ain’t gonna die for Wall St,  Ain’t gonna die for you  G E7 / A D G

A virus isn’t politics, science makes the rules
Anyone says otherwise — is just a fool
Can’t trust ’em with your grandma, or with with your wife
Can’t trust ’em with your future, or with your life.    Kazoo

I know you want us all to go,          C     C#dim
Back to the status quo                      G     G7
Make the market touch the sky,     D —
Who cares if people die?                   G    G7
You can make your plans                     C    C#dim
I’ll stay at home and wash my hands     G  E7
Ain’t gonna die for Wall St   And I ain’t gonna die for you! G E7 / A D G

©Doug Hendren 2020

What’s it about? It’s March 27, 2020, and the US now leads the world in new COVID-19 cases. Thanks to exhaustive documentation of this global scourge, we know there have been great advantages and reduced mortality in nations with strong public health systems, early testing and quarantining of their populations. Regrettably, the US is faring poorly in all three areas, for several reasons. The Trump administration has already cut funding for public health agencies, and eliminated the part of the National Security Council which would normally be responsible for handling a pandemic like this.

One of the most troublesome factors is our leadership. President Trump keeps giving the public false assurance , in spite of clear warnings from medical experts. Compared to other countries, we have been very slow to enact effective measures to control the spread of this deadly virus. As a result, the caseload is already outstripping our medical care capacity in some places. It is almost certain to result in many deaths in New York City, for example, which would have been avoided by an early, organized response, as Japan, South Korea and other countries have now demonstrated.

There is only one way to beat this pandemic at this time: Social Distancing. And it works, if we do it right.  Despite the evidence,  Mike Pence says that “at no time” has the White House considered a national stay-at-home order for the United States. President Trump is proclaiming that we will “have the country opened up and raring to go” by Easter. Experts agree that such a move will cost many American lives.

While the economic disturbance from this pandemic is enormous, trying to intentionally short-cut the required public health measures would be catastrophic not just in preventable loss of life, but in deeper and more lasting destruction of our economy as well. Sacrificing lives to try to bump up the stock market a little quicker is a dark sentiment indeed.

COVID-19 is a public health problem, and needs to be managed with the same science we have used to face past epidemics. People trying to deny it, misinform the public, or prevent proper treatment deserve neither our respect nor our cooperation. As one of my early songs about Mr. Trump says, “If you want to be great, you’ve got to be good.” This is a time for following the medical experts, not the fake experts in the White House!


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