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Mr. Kavanaugh

And here’s to you, Mr. Kavanaugh
Jesus maybe loves you, I don’t know, wo wo wo
Old memories Mr. Kavanaugh,
Things you done and thought you got away,
Hey, hey, hey, Hey, hey, hey!

We’d like to know a little more  about you for our files,
Explain some little incidents as well.
Only need to fool eleven sympathetic guys.
We wouldn’t want you to be feeling all alone.

How times have changed, Mr. Kavanaugh.
Violating ladies, not OK,  hey hey hey!
Perhaps you’ve heard, Mr Kavanaugh,
Predators can end up locked away,
Hey hey hey, Hey hey hey!

Getting drunk with classmates on a Sunday afternoon,
Assaulting  co-eds in the evening.
Laugh about it, shout about the women you’ve abused.
You can’t remember, but they sure remember you.

Misogynist evangelicals
Want you to dismantle Wade and Roe, no, no, no!
But women vote, Mr. Kavanaugh.
A hundred million women get their way,
Hey hey hey, hey hey hey!

lyrics ©Doug Hendren 2018
parody of “Mrs. Robinson,” by Paul Simon

What’s it about? Brett Kavanaugh is Mr. Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. He has numerous attributes which would normally disqualify any candidate, including an unequivocal drinking problem, a belligerent disposition, and unabashed highly partisan commitments. On top of this, credible sources describe him as essentially a serial sex offender. It would be difficult to contrive such a scenario in fiction, but the the eagerness of the evangelical right to consolidate political power is so extreme as to overlook even the most astonishing evidence of moral turpitude.

Our system of judicial appointments has not always been so extreme and fractious. In recent decades, a bipartisan US Senate has confirmed justices as conservative as Anton Scalia unanimously, and liberal as Ruth Bader Ginsberg nearly unanimously. How has our present illness come to pass? Although it may be difficult to connect all the dots, I am guessing that the principle of “follow the money” lies at the root of it all.

And “follow the money” in turn has been greatly magnified by the Supreme Court’s infamous 2010 “Citizens United” decision. By upholding and strengthening the myth of “corporate personhood,” the Court opened wide the floodgates for corporate dollars to decisively control the US legislature. For anyone who has trouble telling people from corporations, listen to my song “Real People Have Heart.”

At the time of the Citizens United Decision, Justice Stevens expressed concern that the decision would bring shame upon the Supreme Court itself, as indeed it has in the eyes of many Americans. The absurd and unreasonable nomination of a man of as highly questionable moral character as Brett Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land is yet another blow to the dignity of this venerable institution.

The “religious right” is angling for political power. They support the likes of Trump and Kavanaugh only because they can give them access to power. They have little respect for women, and would strip away many of the rights and access to health care and reproductive rights which women have achieved in recent decades. Make no mistake. It’s not about morality. It’s about power over women’s bodies. It’s American Taliban.

There are more women voters in the US than men voters. Women, use your brains! Protect yourselves from animals!

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