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Electric Semi Trucks are Coming: TESLA SEMI

Electric Semi Trucks are Coming: TESLA SEMI

The electric vehicle revolution continues to pick up speed.  Tesla’s unveiling of its electric semi truck is simply astonishing, including such things as a 500-mile range, fast charging, and a million mile no-breakdown guarantee.

While the electric vehicle has been gathering speed faster than anyone could have predicted, most knowledgeable observers have long felt that it would not apply to heavy vehicles, such as long-haul trucks. The limitations of battery technology (weight, energy density) were simply no match for diesel engines for such big machinery.

Musk appears to be proving the critics wrong again, blowing right through the envelope by playing to the strength of electric technology. The Tesla semi, with four separate drive motors, can still function on as few as two of them – hence the outrageous confidence of a million-mile guarantee begins to make sense.

And acceleration? More like a car than a truck, according to the article below. This won’t be one of those trucks clogging the passing lane as it struggles to get by another truck.

If this semi delivers half of what it promises, it represents an additional giant step forward in transitioning our transportation system to clean energy.

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