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More than egotistical,                           Gmaj7  G#dim
More than narcissistical,                     Am7   A#dim
More than a nepotistical crew.           Bm7  B7  Am7 E7b9/B   E7

Campaign help from Soviets              Am7 Adim
Not quite election etiquette.               Gmaj7 E7b9
You make it hard to ignore you.       Am7 A7 Am D7 D+5

Your swamp is so pollutable,
Statements so refutable,
Looks  like prosecutable too.

Making so many folks abhor you
Means no immunity for you.

More than personality,
Bankrupt of morality,
Short on factuality too,

More than unreliable,
Might be certifiable.
Don’t want a nuclear debut!

Our people so polarized,                Em  G7
Allies you’ve ostracized,                 C    Cm7
Nations antagonized too.               Bm7   E7  A7  D7

Let’s face it, you can’t hack it.
Just been running rackets for
Others in your tax bracket and you.

We see through you, don’t want you,
Gonna come right back and haunt you.
Don’t need a president like you!

Let’s hope that we’re all teachable,
Congress still reachable.
Maybe you’re impeachable too.

If we really want to be great again,
Want to set the record straight again,
We’ll be deporting all your friends and you.

©Doug Hendren 2018
[tune: “Call me irresponsible” by James Van Heusen / Sammy Cahn]

Donald Trump appears to be impeachable to an increasing number of observers. This song presents just a short list of some of the many dangerous shortcomings he has repeatedly displayed in just one year in the White House. Under the pretense of “making America great again”, we have abdicated our position in global leadership, unraveling the legitimate scientific leadership of some of our most valuable institutions (see my video Scott Pruitt’s EPA)  and fallen many notches in the eyes of the world community. Statesmanship is more than cheap theater, and richer billionaires do not a healthy economy make. We are well on our way to becoming “the richest third-world country”, unless we rid ourselves quickly of this scoundrel and his sycophants. Remember, if you want to be great, You’ve Got To Be Good!

Truthdig: Trump’s Nuclear Threat Warrants Removal From Office.

Common Dreams: Trump’s first year breaks record for lowest approval rating ever.

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