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Peter Yarrow still at large!

Peter Yarrow still at large!

Peter Yarrow, now 79, paid a visit next door at Eastern Mennonite University Thursday.  He came for a board meeting of, a group dedicated to healing America’s bitter political divides. EMU was just finishing its annual  Summer Peacebuilding Institute.

One of Peter’s colleagues had asked SPI director Bill Goldberg if he thought anybody would be interested in attending a concert if Peter gave one. Bill thought that was a no-brainer!

Peter explained in no uncertain terms why the sentiments and music behind the antiwar and Civil Rights movements are still relevant today, bringing alive familiar songs as well as new material. And, of course, led an enthusiastic group in “Puff, The Magic Dragon“, inviting on stage any “children under 70”  Nancy and I, back left, still qualified. It’s hard not to sing when surrounded by Mennonites!

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