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Listening for a Change

The people of the nation                D   D7         (Capo 2nd fret)
Have put our faith in you,                  G
But blocking legislation’s                    A
The only thing you do.                        G  
A Your dollar signs and party lines     D  D7
Are getting really strange.                 G    G#dim6
Oh, how about listening for a change?     D   A   D   G
How about listening for a change?        D  A   D

We’ve got hardworking immigrants Who need an even break,
But all you do is stop reform by Anything it takes.
The Constitution doesn’t say You’ve got to cause us pain.
Oh, how about listening for a change? How about listening for a change?

BRIDGE Now fossil fuels and pipelines      B7
May be your gravy train,                                   B7
And stealing from constituents                     E7
By eminent domain,                                          A7

But I’m tired of the one per cent.          D  D7
That’s why I’m saying:                              G  G#dim6 Oh,
how about listening for a change?    D   A   D    G
How about listening for a change?          D   A    D

When we talk about the climate, You look the other way.
Can’t walk into tomorrow With both feet in yesterday.
Doing nothing’s out of line, And we’re running out of time.
Oh, how about listening for a change? How about listening for a change?

©Doug Hendren & Nancy Beall 2016

What’s it about? It’s no secret that democracy in the United States has been heavily undermined in recent years by the political and economic power of multinational corporations. In fact, according to research from Princeton and Northwestern Universities, the US government is now an oligarchy, and no longer qualifies as a democracy. Despite broad public support for issues like gun control, immigration reform, clean energy and action on climate change, corporate interests still have decisive control over our lawmakers.

No one personifies this disregard for the public more than Virginia’s 6th district congressman Bob Goodlatte. Though he pledged to serve only 6 terms, he is now in his 12th. He reportedly has taken more money from the NRA than any other member of Congress, and reliably opposes any effort at reasonable reform of our lax open market for automatic weapons. As the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, he has successfully blocked immigration reform, stating: “I will do everything I can to ensure that the Senate Comprehensive Immigration Bill never gets taken up in the House.”

In personal conversation with Mr. Goodlatte, he has displayed an astonishing disregard for the best scientists in the United States and the world, and the unanimous verdict of every qualified scientific organization regarding climate change, its causes and its urgency. Rather than listen to organizations like NASA or the National Academy of Sciences, Mr. Goodlatte gets his “information” from discredited Danish author and climate skeptic Bjorn Lomborg.

In short, Mr. Goodlatte is an excellent example of everything that is wrong with the US government today, catering to private interests while giving very little attention to his own constituents. A recent report stated that 97% of his funding comes from outside the Shenandoah Valley.

At the polls next month, Mr. Goodlatte faces a challenge from Kai Degner, who is widely respected as an honest and articulate man who listens to his constituents.

American citizens deserve better government. How about someone who will listen for a change?


  1. agree!

  2. Sounds like a micro-battle that could be a metaphor for what is wrong with the whole government. Good luck with this election in your area, and may we all emerge from this campaign cycle with substantial change in who our leaders are and the positive changes they will bring.
    Big hugs

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