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Falling Once Again

I feel the evening breeze, Listen for melodies,
Wonder if my time has come.
I miss the redwood trees, Children on my knees,
And I don’t believe my work is done.

CHORUS: I’m falling once again,
I’m falling, falling once again.

Never thought you’d see the day, Taking care of me this way,
Better or for worse, for rich or poor.
Bright smile in your eyes Still takes me by surprise.
It’s forty years , it’s for sure.

Smiling at the ceiling,
Even when you snore.
Not taking anything
For granted anymore.

And I’m grateful for many things, The way you make me sing;
A troubled mind just melts away.
And now I understand: Just walking hand in hand
Is quite enough for today.

©Doug Hendren 2015 What’s it about?   Switching roles from doctor to cancer patient has given me a humbling opportunity to open up and receive love and support from far and wide. Especially from my best friend and bride of almost (gulp!) forty years, to whom it is simply a love song. When we took traditional vows of “for better or for worse”, we were really just stating our intentions, not really knowing how strong or enduring they would turn out to be. Looking back now on all the twists and turns, times of head-butting and uncertainty, gives this love song a different flavor from most. We all want freedom. Wisdom traditions teach us that most of our limitations are self-imposed, often arising from the failure to see and accept what is right under our noses. Our stubborn human egos often blind us to the continuous miracle of simply being here and now. Our friends and loved ones may bring us “aha” flashes of spiritual recognition in the most mundane, unexpected and often humorous moments. Even illness can be the catalyst that makes us pause and let it in.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

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