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Humbolt County GMO-free!

Humbolt county’s good to grow Anything but GMO.
People gonna to make it clear It’s real food we’re growing here.
Healthy farming makes us proud, So we’re shouting right out loud:
Yes, oh, yessirree on measure P!

GMOs are just no good. It’s really fictitious food,
Designed to kill insects. Watch out for side effects!
Pesticides have got to go. Tell ‘em no to GMO,
And tell ‘em yessirree on Measure P!

Don’t mean to tell you what to do,
But take care of the land, The land’ll take care of you.

If you think that I’m a flake, You just don’t know what’s at stake.
Good soil is the key To our prosperity.
So let’s keep it good to grow. Tell ‘em no to GMO,
And tell ‘em yessirree on Measure P!

Words & music©Doug Hendren 2014

Congratulations to Humboldt County, California for just passing “Measure P”, a county-wide ban on GMO crops (11-4-14) ! I’m proud of you all !    This song was written at the request of my former neighbors, as musical background for their successful radio campaign. Humboldt County, California is home of the coastal redwood trees. There are few places in the world that can match Humboldt’s spectacular natural beauty.   It is fitting to ban GMO crops from Humboldt County.

People in Humboldt have a deep connection to the natural world, and are less vulnerable to the kind of empty promises that are made by the GMO industry, including: 1) The false claim that GMO crops can feed more people than ordinary crops. This is simply not true. See the 2009 report “Failure to Yield”, published by the Union of Concerned Scientists. 2) The false claim that GMO foods are perfectly safe for human consumption. In fact, In fact, they have been linked to fatal disease in both humans and lab animals (see below). 3) The false claim that GMO crops are no different from ordinary hybridized crops, and therefore require no special evaluation with regard to public safety. A large and growing body of evidence contradicts this claim. The method for producing genetically engineered organisms is entirely unnatural, using cancer and viral genes to “fool” the DNA into accepting foreign DNA fragments. In fact, it has been shown that genetic information (micro-RNA) from kernels of GMO corn can be transferred to our own bacteria living in our digestive tract, in effect teaching our own bacteria how to make pesticide in our gut. That’s a pretty serious “side effect”. Monsanto, in particular, has been extremely aggressive about silencing scientific dissent, preventing domestic labeling of GMO foods, and using the power of U.S. international trade negotiators to force other nations to accept American GMO crops. Fortunately, however, the public is beginning to wake up about the issue of GMO foods. See below to learn more.

Environmental Sciences Europe: Republished study: long-term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize.
Truthout: Monsanto’s Herbicide Linked to Kidney Disease Epidemic. UK Parliament Meets to Discuss Dangers of World’s Best-Selling Herbicide: Roundup

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