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Remembering How to Dream

Some things seem impossible, then you win.
Can’t see just where you’re going ‘till you begin.
No matter who you are,  no matter how things seem
We need  your help remembering how to dream.

You may hear people saying it can’t be done.
Good things can seem impossible ‘till you’ve won.
And sometimes really wishing upon a star
Begins with recognizing just where we are.

Don’t need to know about everything ‘fore you start,
If you can hear the spirit right in your heart.
So close your eyes, my little one, rest your head.
Come sleep and then come visions for times ahead.

We have no way of knowing where it may end,
But there is room for growing, so take a friend.
And if you dream a dream for everyone in the land,
A thousand wings and voices will lend their hand.

Words & music ©Doug Hendren 2014 What’s it about?  Responding effectively to climate change is an overwhelming and intimidating prospect for most of us. The concentrated power and money of the fossil fuel industry is self-evident, controlling our media, Congress and courts is, sacrificing the common good and our collective future for short-term profit of a few. It is easy to get discouraged. But consider a few of the “impossible” situations shown in this video, and take heart. The great British Empire was defeated by rag-tag but determined colonists in the American Revolution, and Gandhi, in loincloth and bare feet beat them again in 1947. No one would have guessed the Berlin Wall would fall, until the moment it happened. Some things seem impossible, then you win. Paraphrasing Hemingway, many things happen “slowly at first, then all at once”. As daunting as the fossil industry may appear, there are cracks in the armor. People are awakening. If you want a quick summary of the climate issue, listen to this sermon by Bill McKibben in Riverside Church, New York City (2013). Get involved. Tell your neighbors we can win. Come to New York Sept 21 if you can. Learn more at


  1. Really good song, Doug. I like your tying our present global crisis to past major social change campaigns. This will remind adults who lived through those long struggles, as well as educating children who may not even have heard of them.

  2. Thank you, Doug, for another incredibly moving tribute to our work to save Earth.

  3. I can’t remember how to dream. The problems are so overwhelming and complex.

  4. I can’t remember how to dream. The problems are so overwhelming and complex.

  5. Doug — I am so grateful for our friendship. What a gift you have. Your encouragement and generous spirit keep me hopeful that we really can turn this juggernaut. — Dave

  6. Thanks, great song, thanks for your voice in our community!

  7. This is worth sharing with a greater audience. Have you considered YouTube?

  8. Good job Doug.

  9. Thanks, Doug. So how was the march?

  10. Estimated 310,000 people.Polling science evidently holds that for every person who shows up, there are ten who would if they could. And for every one of them, ten who will vote for the issue. If true, a march this size is an indication of the intentions of 30 million voters. Despite the best efforts of money and media.

  11. Dave: Enjoy the song. May I have the chords, so as to use with others? Thanks.

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