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Just Say No to GMO !

Just say no, to GMO’ ’cause Monsanto has got to go
Want to see it on the label Say no, say no, say no, to GMO

When I go down to the grocery store, Healthy food’s what I’m looking for,
Don’t want it modified! I don’t want pesticide!

But what I’ve learned about GMOs,
Don’t you think I have the right to know?
Protect my family? And my community?
Where’s the label?  Where’s the label?  WHERE’S THE LABEL?

So we’d better tell the FDA Not to take our rights away;
Put labels on our food, So we’ll know if it’s good,
And keep your corporations of our farms. You’re telling lies, you’re causing harm. Don’t want your superweeds! Your Terminator seed!
Want the real thing, want the real thing,WANT THE REAL THING!

lyrics © Doug Hendren 2012 original parody of  Let’s Hang On,  by the Four Seasons 
 WHAT’S THIS SONG ABOUT?   Genetically Modified food (GMO’s) have gone from theory to the predominant form of several important food crops in the United States and worldwide.  It is safe to call this by far the biggest biological experiment ever performed on humans.  The “leader of the pack” by far is the Monsanto Company, initially known for creating some of the deadliest industrial poisons known to man, such as Dioxin, Agent Orange, and DDT.  They make Roundup (glyphosphate), the world’s largest-selling pesticide.  Many of their GMO crops have been developed to grow in the presence of Roundup. Other GMO crops actually have the genetic code for manufacturing pesticide incorporated into the plants themselves.   How safe are GMO’s?  Extremely dangerous, according to many experts. Like overuse of antibiotics in medicine, indiscriminate use of herbicides and pesticides can, and have already led to the appearance of “superweeds” and “superbugs”, that will now threaten our natural crops as well as Monsanto’s crops. In addition, “monocropping” greatly eliminates the variety found in all natural crops, making the crops much more fragile and prone to disease.  In terms of food safety, what happens if you eat corn containing the software program that teaches your own gut bacteria to manufacture the Bt toxin (pesticide)?  This has already been demonstrated.  Why do we have GMO’s?  For many years now, they have promised greater yield than ordinary crops, and have been promoted as a way to feed the earth’s growing population.  The Union of Concerned Scientists, however, has opened our eyes with their report, “Failure to Yield”.  GMO crops are no more productive than ordinary crops, and carry many serious risks.  Why don’t we have labels, then?  This is pure politics. Monsanto has heavily influenced our court decisions over the years, and has made sure to have control over the FDA as well.  The current head of the FDA, our “Food Safety Czar” is former Monsanto VP, Michael Taylor.  If you value your food safety, learn about this subject and the many organizations trying to get basic GMO labeling laws in the United States, including NationOfChange, and The Institute for Responsible Technology. GMO crops have been banned by many countries, including the European Union.  Mandatory labeling of GMO foods is law in much of the world, including Europe, China and African countries. The absence of labeling laws in the U.S. is simply due to a corrupt Congress and overly powerful American corporations operating contrary to the public interest. For more information, and references, see commentary to my song: “Oh, Monsanto”.

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