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The Free Market

Well, there’s something that makes me wanna jump and shout.
It seems everybody’s always talking about
The free market, as if it’s just a fact.
But you know it ain’t free if it destroys your habitat.

Well, the market may help you if you’re already rich.
But man, if your are struggling, it’s a sacrilege.
It’s gonna take you down, and leave you flat.
Because you know the free market destroys your habitat

It won’t protect your nation, Don’t care about your food supply.
Won’t give you education Or water or air, it just doesn’t care, oh

You may like your purple mountains’ majesty,
But to the market it’s only a commodity.
It’s gonna take you down, and leave you flat.
Because you know the free market destroys your habitat.

Lyrics © Doug Hendren 2012 original parody of  You Can’t Do That (Lennon/McCartney,  © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC)


WHAT IS THIS SONG ABOUT?   This 3-minute video tells it all.  Led by the United States, the Western world has imposed on developing nations a version of economics which has proven an unmitigated disaster for both people and the planet. Despite the grim toll of Free Market Economics (see Naomi Klein’s book and film “The Shock Doctrine”) the idea of the “free market” still passes unchallenged in the United States. Although the name of Adam Smith is typically invoked in its favor, he would turn in his grave to see what passes for a “free market” today. With the rampant deregulation in all areas in the last three decades, we have instead allowed the fantasy of a free market to become a nightmare, enslaving people and nations, and operating our planet like a company in liquidation. Few Americans are aware of how concentrated our wealth and income have become in recent years, and how much of America’s great middle class has slipped into poverty.  If you haven’t seen it already, this short video will surprise you.   It’s vital that we all start learning this material.  If you grew up like me,  believing strongly in the goodness and fairness of our country, it may a bitter pill to swallow.  But we are in a time of crisis, both danger and opportunity.  We need to become strong and wise to seize the opportunity, and learn from our historical mistakes. Do you want to be able to look your children in the eyes once they figure all this out?  You don’t need a PhD to see what’s going on, just a good BS detector!   This is a pretty painless place to start.

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