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Ending the War

Song Lyrics

A decade ago we all rushed off to war, I
wonder if you can recall…
How WMD’s were all over TV
Our leaders and media effortlessly
And openly lied to us all      

How alarming to see how obediently        
We went fighting for freedom and God
How innocently we were waving our flag
Supporting incredible fraud

It is time to end this war,
It is time to end this war

It was all about money and all about oil,
And making our people afraid
There were few that could see our democracy
Was silently stolen away.      

Oh, the  media blackout, the corporate greed      
Creating confusion and pain
If we really want freedom, there’s got to be truth,
Or the war and the terror remain

It is time to end this war,
It is time to end this war

America, America, open your ears
America, open your eyes
Those who took you to war have now taken your homes,
The hour is come to arise.      

See the Merchants of misery, counting their gains      
The rich always crushing the poor
Do not let it slip through your fingers again
Won’t you get up and open the door?

It is time to end this war,
It is time to end this war

Words & music ©Doug Hendren and Nancy Beall 2013

About the Issue

The US invaded Iraq ten years ago, on the widely discredited pretext that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, representing a threat to the US and other nations.  This pretext was heavily promoted by collusion of the Bush administration and the major US television networks.  In stark contrast to the Vietnam era, a combination of political and corporate interests have very deliberately limited American exposure to the realities of the current US military activities in Iraq, Afghanistan and now including numerous other nations via drone warfare.  Whereas the American people had the privilege of bold and fearless journalism only a couple of decades ago, our mainstream media now bring us mainly propaganda. In recent years, we have witnessed also the rise of another type of war: Concentrated, international capital consuming people and nations without prejudice, and the very Earth itself.  We see it operating in thirty years of successive financial bubbles, most recently in 2008.  In the US, we now have a grotesque maldistribution of wealth as shown in this video. These wars are all one. The military and geopolitical mayhem in Iraq are very profitable to Wall Street and America’s military-industrial-congressional complex. This is precisely what President Eisenhower warned us about sixty years ago.  We need to recognize the underlying dynamics of our suicidal pro-corporate policies, (including the Citizens United decision), our failure to rein in financial institutions deemed “to big to fail or jail”, and our national addiction to war are all part of the same pathology.  Otherwise, how can we end this war?

What can you do?

  1. Don’t believe what you see on mainstream television news.  Get some alternative and international news.  Sources include the BBC, The Guardian, Democracy Now!, Truthout, Common Dreams, The Real News Network, YES! Magazine,  Mother Jones and others.
  2. Get money out of US politics. Getting rid of Citizens United is a good place to start.


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