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The North Pole Disappeared

Song Lyrics

We’re in a peck of trouble Like we’ve never been before.
Something’s going on that we No longer can ignore.
It’s a lousy time to happen, But the North Pole disappeared.
It’s got to do with chemistry Up in the atmosphere.
The Ice, it started getting thin And then it broke right through,
All because of CO2.

Now Santa Claus is homeless. His workshop and his tools
Sank right to the bottom All because of molecules.
You’ll never hear it on the news, But just ‘tween me and you
It’s got to be a cover-up, Which means it must be true.
And if you want him back again, There’s just one thing to do:
Stop the fossil fuels and CO2.
Make big coal and gas and oil Give back those subsidies.
And you better make your congressmen Support clean energy.
If you want the North Pole back again, Just one thing to do:
Stop the fossil fuels and CO2.

Now some folks cannot seem to get The fact of climate change.
And some don’t care for polar bears, And some like hurricanes,
And some things may just seem too weird For relating to,
But if you don’t like Santa Claus There’s something wrong with you.
If you want the North Pole back again, Just one thing to do:
Stop the fossil fuels and CO2.

Words and music ©Doug Hendren 2012 To download song, CLICK HERE.

About the Issue

The Earth is melting. The North pole is now open ocean during summer months. Most of the nations of the world want to do something about it, but the United States, under the political control of fossil fuel interests, is the main obstacle to international agreement and action Though the song is of course tongue-in-cheek, there is nothing funny about the North Pole melting.  In today’s strange arena of political discourse and privately owned media, abstract things like the so-called “fiscal cliff” seem terribly real, and the very concrete alteration of the planet we inhabit, the destruction of biosphere, acidification of the oceans, seem to many people distant and intangible. Maybe Santa’s predicament will wake up one or two people where science has failed! For anyone just waking up, go to to find out where to start, and what you can do.

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  1. Doug, you have a way with poetry. Glad to see you putting it to you. Now a song in favor of a “well-regulated militia”…


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