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Giant Banks

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At one time a family Could live abundantly,
A life of dignity, And be satisfied and sound,
Then the banks came to be Driven by gluttony,
Turned our economy Into a battleground.                
        Deregulation, they called it….
they said it was a good thing…. for everybody

Derivatives, Credit swaps, Such greed that never stops,
Until the market drops, And our lives become unwound,
They say greed’s good for us, Endorsing avarice.
But it’s really hazardous, Only melts our nation down

REFRAIN:  Giant banks need to be  /  A public utility,          
Working for you and me
 / And the benefit of all

The Bank Cartel thinks its great They can manipulate
the LIBOR market rate. Oh, they seem to like it fine.
Selfish ideology Brought us austerity: What it means is poverty To the other ninety-nine.

Now the Giant Bank Cartel’s Really the road to hell.
If we don’t end this spell, They will take us all along.
If you’re a real American, March with your fellow man.
When giants stalk the land, Get out your sling and stone.      

The only way to save our soul Is to regain control,
Take back the things they stole, And to stand up straight and tall.

Lyrics ©Doug Hendren 2012 Original parody of “The Garden Song” by David Mallet, as performed by Pete Seeger. Borrowed with great affection and respect. It just seemed like the right tune and tone for this critical subject. TO DOWNLOAD SONG,  CLICK HERE

WHAT’S THIS SONG ABOUT?   The large multinational banks which control the world economy have criminally exploited us all for a long time, manipulating our laws and governments to their advantage and to the detriment of society and our natural world.  The Giant Banks have systematically violated the law and the public trust, believing they are “too big to fail”, and likewise too big to jail. The banks behave as if they are above the rule of law, and embrace fraud as their standard business model. In recent years, this process has been greatly amplified by their carefully orchestrated deregulation of the financial industry, notably including the repeal in 1999 of the Glass-Steagall Act. The deregulated financial industry has proven highly unstable, as shown by the widespread economic collapse of 2008. The most recent scandal to rock the financial world (July, 2012) has been the disclosure of high-level collusion among giant international banks in defrauding the public by manipulating the LIBOR interest rate over the last several years. How can we liberate ourselves from enslavement to the financial industry?  A proposed solution is to bring the banking system under democratic control, to serve the needs of people rather than private bankers. For background on this see Ellen Brown’s “Web of Debt” (5th ed., 2012), and learn about the Public Banking movement.

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