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Beautiful Poison

Corn grows throughout the nation,
Corn syrup is in every creation,
Monsanto corn as sweet as can be.
It’s a farmer’s fantasy.

But when we feed it to rats and mice,
Things happen that should make you think twice.
They get kidney and liver disease,
And lots of new malignancies.

Monsanto makes beautiful poisons, Genetically modified,
But I’d rather that I had a choice in The things I buy.

Monsanto’s been outfoxin’
Us all with food that may contain toxins.
So when it comes to GMO
I’d rather have the right to know.

Lyrics ©Doug Hendren 2012 Original parody of “Dream a Little Dream of Me” by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt.  

WHAT’S THIS SONG ABOUT?  It’s about deeply disturbing issues around genetically modified foods in general, and Monsanto corn in particular. A recent study (2012) indicates that feeding laboratory animals Monsanto GMO corn causes tumors and organ damage.  An estimated 80% of corn growing in the United States is GMO corn. As a physician, the most amazing part of this study is that it is the first long-term animal feeding study published on genetically engineered foods. How is this possible?  These radically un-natural, genetically altered foods have managed to escape any sort of real safety checks before being released on the world. This is no accident: Monsanto has a long history of strategic influence over government policy in this area.  Senior FDA advisor Michael Taylor, our “Food Safety Czar“, is a former Monsanto VP. Watch the astonishing story behind the GMO food industry in this film by Jeffrey M. Smith, “Genetic Roulette”.    Learn more at the Institute for Responsible Technology.

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